What Is Steering?

What is Steering?
Steering is a deceptive concept of salesmanship, where someone is coerced, directed, pushed or driven to use a specific service provider because the recommender derives monetary consideration, kickbacks, special privilege, economic savings, etc., as a result of such activity.  Consumers are often led into undesired purchases and making decisions for products and services they later regret because they were steered towards them by design.  Don’t become a victim; make an informed, knowledgeable choice that is based on your sole decision after considering all your options.

Stay Involved in All Aspects of Your Repair
*Your family’s safety may depend upon it!

*The value of your vehicle depends on it!



Here are some helpful questions to ask the shop before you leave your keys.

  • Have you made any oral or written agreement with the insurer about my claim? If so, Why?
  • Have you made any agreement to use imitation or salvage parts on my vehicle with anyone? If so, Why?
  • Have you made any agreement to give a discount to the insurer on my repair?  Shouldn’t I receive that discount? If not, Why?
  • Will you provide me with a copy of the agreement with the insurance company?  If not, why?
  • Should my vehicle be repaired using OEM parts? Why or why not?
  • Are you repairing my vehicle with new original OEM parts? If not, why?
  • Are aftermarket parts equal to OEM parts in quality, fit , finish and safety?  If so, can you document that for me?
  • Will you provide a written opinion concerning the use of OEM parts to repair my vehicle?
  • Will you deal exclusively with me with regards to my repairs and claim?
  • Do you work for me or the insurance company or both?  How can you satisfy my interests and those of an entity outside of my repair contract with your shop?
  • Does your shop install imitation and/or aftermarket parts?
  • Does your shop install junkyard/used salvage parts?
  • Does your shop install used air bags, used seat belts or or used suspension parts?
  • Will any parts you use alter or void any factory warranty on my vehicle?